Case packer with bag plastic

Our case packer brings to the market a new approach in open mouth "bag in box" (BIB) filling systems for both solid and liquid products. bag in box Up to now all operations related to this type of filling system were sold as different and separate machines. From now on iteks proposes them all togehter in one and single bodyframe. Gains are obvious in price, required floor area and machine command (a single interface man/machine). Main possible options are single or multi format and stainless steel or paint steel construction.

animation principle case packer
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Operations guaranteed by our case packer :

Several products are specially appropriate to be packeged by our case packer filling system with the following features :

bag in box machine

The case packer "bag in the box" brings a solution to one or several of the following requirements :

filling mouth

Our experience in dosing process allows us to answer to your packaging requirements for your different products. We have produced dosing systems for powders like iron and titanium oxide (difficult flow or bits), deshydrated onion powder (hygroscopic behaviour, difficult flow), pieces of charcoal (dusty, conductor of electricity), granulated base chewing-gum (sticking, in pieces, dusty), powders of polyurethane foam (difficult flow), pozzolana stones (very abrasive), oils, liquid dyes,etc...
We are able to make a dustfree filling thanks to our total control of the column of fall of the product.

specifications of plastic bag case packer
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