Bag Opener


Seed handling when the bag is open generates dust. This makes working conditions difficult when the openning is done by an operator. Our debagger machine allows to eliminate this problem. Insecticide dusts are confined into the machine and sucked towards a vacuum cleaning system / dust collector system. The operator(s) are not located close to the bag openning station. He (they) should only feed the debagger machine by placing the bags onto the entry conveyor. To reduce labor to a minimun, we also propose our depalletizing system. We can make the debagging of the seed, either into containers or onto a conveyor.


We propose as option a shaking station which allows to ensure a residual ratio of corn seed of 25/50000 per bag. To ensure a suitable working environment, the debagger machine has to be connected to a vacuum cleaning system of dusts / dust collector system. Two air outlets are provided on the top of the debagger machine for standard pipe (outlet diameter 200mm). Depending on the way that the seed is evacuated, an air flow of 2 to 3000m3/hour is required. We can provide a vacuum cleaning system of dusts / dust collector system on request. Following to the rate, large volumes of empty bags will be accumulated. It may be necessary to provide a compactor. We can propose an intermediate solution with our precompactor which flattens the bags by means of a worm directly at the outlet of the debagger machine. Our debagging principle is suitable for all kind of seeds but it is not limiting.

Technical features :

This debagger equipment, akin to the special machine, can be fully adapted to your own needs. Do not hesitate to contact us. complete our contact form.

debagger machine with feed conveyor debagger machine with a depalletiser platform depalletizer + debagger debagger machine with double depalletiser platform
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