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Case packer with bag plastic

Our case packer brings to the market a new approach in open mouth "bag in box" (BIB) filling systems for both solid and liquid products. encaisseuse Up to now all operations related to this type of filling system were sold as different and separate machines. From now on iteks proposes them all togehter in one and single bodyframe. Gains are obvious in price, required floor area and machine command (a single interface man/machine). Main possible options are single or multi format and stainless steel or paint steel construction.

animation principle case packer
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palettiseur iteks proposes several solutions for palletizing adaptable to your product and your configuration.
Different palletizers systems are available : cartesian robotized gantry, layers palletizer or polyarticulated robot. Also, several products can be "palletized" : Boxes, drums, buckets, sacks, bales, slabs, .....


From the beginning of our activity until today, we have treated many products as well in net weight as in gross weight.
doseuse peuseuse We quote a few examples of the most difficult products we treat : iron oxide in powder, titanium oxide in powder, dehydrated onion in powder, chewing-gum in pellets, polyurthane in powder, charcoal in bits, ascorbic acid in powder, pozzolana in bits, vegetable sterols in microballs ...

Special machines

We are manufacturers of special machines. machine spéciale We entirely guarantee the studies cao 3d), mechanics, electrical, assembly, wiring and programming in our workshop and commissioning in customer's factory as well as training and after sales service. We konw how to integrate a special machine or functional prototype adapted to your production into your line of production.

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