Special machines

We are manufacturers of special machines. All the tasks are integred in our company. We do all the studies of the mechanic (cad 3d), the electrical, the assembly, the wiring and programming in our workshop and the commissioning in customer's factory as well as training and after sales service. machine spéciale
We know how to integrate a special machine or functional prototype adapted to your production into your line of production.
Our fields of competences in construction of special machines are varied :

special machine Drum packaging line for powder
Palletizing & robotized handling
Bagging of liquids
Unpalletizing and unbagging
Small boats unstacking
Magnetic arrange mechanism
Vibrating sieving and corridors
All type of conveyors and shuttles
Bag inserter and sealing bag in the box
Vacuum bells
Cup dispenser
Saw for mousse
Accumulation carousel
Rollers pre-cutting machine
Drums brushing
Antitheft device insertion

Many of the special machines and prototypes have been carried out during the last 15 years and they are not all represented on this site. If you want to consult us about our other machines, complete our contact form or find our full address. Special machines manufacture represents our historical activity, our activity in heart as well as our main force. Our staff is trained to exigencies of this activity and they appreciate it. Few companies are really able to make special machines as a high technical and scientific culture is required associated to a great deal of experience in situ. You can download our questionnaire special machine

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