Plastic cases palletizing (example n3/7)

Our robotized cartesian palletizer allows to place plastic cases on a pallet. The cases are encased there in columns (stacked). The pallets are moved with transpallets or fork-lift trucks. A place is foreseen, fixed on the concrete flagstone, in order to put the pallets in position.

The cases are taken by means of an in-house developed mechanical grip with four fingers fixed each one on a linear bearing The plastic cases are taken (pinched) in end of a belt conveyor and, then, placed on the pallet. The palletizer is equiped with four axes (X, Y, Z et R) each one commanded by brushless motors. Each axis is equipped with linear bearings and toothed racks for linear movements except for axis R (R of rotation). This last, assembled in end of vertical axis Z, receives the grip for plastic cases directly in end of reducer.

The used cases meet standard VDA 4500 (standardized cases according to the same principle of odette and galia.

In complement and upstrean of this palletizing system, we carried out for this customer other equipments. It should be known that the cases are filled with lubricated screws which are then destinated to be brought on lines of assembly. Lubrification being there to limit seizing and to make later the assembly of screws easier.

Thus, we provided this customer with :

Plastic cases palletizing
Increase (91 Ko)
Vidéo (drop resolution 1.3 Mo)
Vidéo (discharge resolution 8 Mo)
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