Semi-automatic dosing-bagging machines combined

The equipment allows to fill sacks or bags. These ones are manually put in position by an operator who orders the closing of a set of grips of closing around the mouth of the bag by means of a control pedal with the foot. A second impulse on this pedal starts the filling cycle and next the cycle of unhooking. No risk for the operator to wedge the hands during the fixing of the bag as long as the grips of closing are not closed, those work in low pressure, thus, avoiding any pinching.

weighing bagging
To make the dose, the vibrator feeding is first running at high frequency vibrations for bulk flow while the two valves are open. When arriving at the dosing process end, one of the valves is closed and the intensity of the vibrations is reduced in order to finish in trickle feed for accuracy. At the end of the process, either the bag is taken down automatically or the operator does it himself manually by impulse on the control pedal. This dosing machine by weight feeding system is studied for powders and for products in pellets. The feeding concept is based on low amplitude vibrations. If the product flows easily, a gravity feeding system can be proposed as a cheaper option.

Cadence :
3 to 8 bags per minute even more.
It depends on both the nature of the product and the required weight as well as the skill of the operator.
Range :
1 to 10 kg in standard.
More or less, it must be studied case per case.
Definition :
3000 levels even more
The number of levels determines the accuracy of reading
ex: 10000g / 3000 = 3.33
rounded up to : 5g
Accuracy :
generally 2/3 levels even less.
It depends on the product, on the quality of flow, on the dispersion of granulometry of the product and the immediate environment of the machine.

These dosing equipments can be adapted completely to your requirements of application and of environment.
You can download our weighing application questionnaire (in french only) in order to establish your specifications.

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