Big-bag filling machine with deaeration

This weighing equipment allows the filling of the Big-Bags with product requiring a deaeration step during the filling time. After hanging the Big-Bag above the pallet, a tube gets down into the Big-Bag and the filling starts. Once a defined point reached by weight or by level, the air is exhausted by a vaccum pump and then the filling restarts. Several deaeration cycles can be programmed. At the end, the Big-Bag is more stable and with more density.

remplissage Big-Bag
Rate :
depend on the product
Range :
100 to 1000 Kg
Définition :
3000 or even 6000 points
The number of points defines the reading precision
e.g:1000Kg / 3000 = 0.33
thus round to the next standard value : 500g
Precision :
usually 2 or 3 points or less

this dosing equipment can be fully adjusted to your application requirements. This machine can also runs with cardboard cases.
You can download our weighing application questionnaire (in french only) in order to establish your specifications.

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